Doing Business for Years

Tirbe DetailsTshimakain Creek Labs began roughly 20 years ago. The Spokane Tribe of Indians Fisheries Department created “Spokane Tribal Water Lab” as a tribal program intended to reduce costs within the Fisheries Department. Within a few years, “The Water Lab” as it was commonly referred to began providing services to other tribal departments, including Lake Roosevelt Fisheries, Indian Health Service, and the tribe’s Water Resource Program, that were interested in testing surface water and drinking water.

Over the years, The Water Lab expanded to provide water testing for numerous Conservation Districts, homeowners associations, the Spokane Tribe, Coeur d’Alene Tribe, and the Kalispel Tribe. Because of the growing interest for The Tribal Lab services, the Spokane Tribe moved the lab to Spokane Valley and obtained a Washington State Business License on March 21, 2004. The lab transformed from a tribal program to a tribal government enterprise, doing business as “Spokane Tribal Laboratories."

Spokane Tribal Laboratories (STL) conducted business on a relatively small scale but it became apparent that the lab could become a more substantial business enterprise for the Spokane Tribe. Spokane Tribal Laboratories was converted into LLC form in November of 2008 under the Spokane Tribe’s Limited Liability Company Act.

In November 2010, the Spokane Tribe Business Council assigned the operational management of Spokane Tribal Laboratories LLC to the Office of Tribal Enterprises. The name of the enterprise was changed from Spokane Tribal Laboratories LLC to Tshimakain Creek Labs LLC. Currently, Tshimakain Creek Labs LLC (T-Creek Labs) performs testing on drinking water, surface water, and groundwater for certain pollutants. T-Creek Labs is certified with the State of Washington Department of Ecology. The business has been run by the same full-time manager for 15 years, Darren Lantzer. The Enterprise Board of Directors for the Office of Tribal Enterprises oversees Tshimakain Creek Labs LLC. "